What is Actinium’s atomic number?
 Actinium’s atomic number is 89.

What is Actinium’s Symbol on the periodic table?
Actinium’s symbol is Ac.

What is Actinium’s electron configuration?
Actinium’s electron configuration is Rn 6d1 7s2.

When was actinium discovered?
 Actinium was discovered in 1899.

Who discovered actinium?
Actinium was discovered in France by Andre Debierne. Friedrick did not realize that actinium has already been discovered.

Is this element dangerous?
Yes it is more dangerous than plutonium.

What is actinums melting point?

What’s is actinums atomic weight?
Actinums atomic weight is [277]

What is actinium used for?
Actinium is used for  neutron source.

What is actinium’s Group name?
Actinium’s Group name is actinoid.

What is Actinium’s classification?
Its classification is metallic.

How many protons and electrons are there in the element?
There are 89 protons and electrons.

Where is actinium found?
Actinium is found in France.

What does that actinium mean?
Actinium means Greek word “aktinos”, which means “a ray”.

What is it’s element classification?
It is radioactive rare earth.

What group is Actinium in?
Actinium’s group is 3.

What was actinium was used in?
Actinium was used in is used in neutron sources.

What color is actinium?
Actinium’s color is silver.

What’s actinium’s Period in Periodic Table?
Actinium’s Period in Periodic Table is 7 (actinoid).

What is actinium’s Block in periodic Table?
Actinium’s Block in periodic Table is f-block.

What is actinium’s CAS Registry ID?
Actinium’s CAS Registry ID is 7440-34-8.

What is actinium’s Crystal Structure?
It’s Crystal Structure is Cubic.

What is actinium’s Number of Neutrons?
Actinium’s Number of Neutrons is 138.

What is actinium’s Boiling Point?
It is 3200.0 °C (3473.15 K, 5792.0 °F).