Radium Science Project

What Is Radium’s Symbol?

Radium’s Symbol is (Ra)

What Is Radium’s Weight?

Radium’s Weight Is 226u

When Was Radium Discovered?

It Was Discovered In 1898

Who Discovered Radium?

Marie Curie and Pierre Curie Discovered Radium

How Did Radium Get It’s Name?

Radium got its name from the Latin word radius, meaning ray.

What Is Radium’s Atomic Number?

Radium’s atomic number is 88.

What is Radium’s Atomic Mass?

Radium’s atomic mass is 226u

What’s Radium’s Electron Configuration?

Radium’s electron configuration is Rn 7s2

Is Radium Stable or Not Stable

Radium is unstable.

What State Is Radium Commonly Found?

Radium is mostly common in the state of solid

What Is Radium’s Boiling Point?

Radium’s Boiling Point is 2,084 fahrenheit. 

What Is Radium’s Melting Point?

Radium’s melting point is 1,292 fahrenheit. 

What Was Radium Used For?

Radium was used for chocolate, water, toys, night lights, toothpaste, cosmetics, heating pads, suppositories, treatment of impotence, health spas, and clocks and watches.