It’s symbol:

The symbol of Bromine on the periodic table is Br

Atomic Number:

Bromine’s Atomic number is 35 and is the thirty-fifth element in the periodic table

Atomic Weight:

The atomic weight is 79.904.

What is its color:

Bromine is brown at room temperature

Atomic configuration:

Bromine has a number of 35 protons and 45 neutrons in the nucleus

Who discovered it:

Carl Jacob Lowig and Antoine Jerome Balard discovered Bromine.

When was it discovered:

They discovered by 1825 to 1826.

How did it get its name:

A greek word whose meaning bad smell of a goat

Is it a stable element or not:

In the universe it is stable.

What state of matter is it commonly found in:

It is liquid but evaporates easily.

Where in the world is it found:

It is found near the earths crust and in sea water.

What is it used for:

      Bromine is use for flame retardants, Christmas ornaments, water purifier, effective pesticides, leaded fuel, drugs, and applications of photography