What is it Atomic number?

 Atomic number is 118.

 How much Protons?

How much protons is 118.

 How much Neutrons?

How much  neutrons is 118.

 What is its Symbol?


 What is its Boiling point?

-9.67°F (-23.15°C).

What is its Chemical series?

Predicted to be a Noble gas.

 How much Atomic mass?

294 mass.

Who discovered it?

Experiments conducted at Dubna in Russia at the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (by workers from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the USA) indicate that element 118 (ununoctium, Uuo) was produced.

When it was discovered?

Discovered in August 2006.

 What Group number?

Group number is 18.

What Period number?

Period number is 7.

What is it used for?

Ununoctium has no use.

Why is Ununoctium important?

Important because it is the last of the 7th period.

Is Ununoctium stable?

No, its unstable.

Is it radioactive?