What is it’s size:

Chromium’s  size is 1/2.

It’s atomic weight:

Chromium’s atomic weight is 51.9961.

Who discovered the element Chromium:

Louis Vauquelin discovered the element Chromium.

When did Louis Vauquelin discover the element Chromium:

Louis Vauquelin discovered Chromium in the year of 1797.

How did Chromium get it’s name:

Chromium got it’s name by the word “chroma”.

What is Chromium’s atomic number:

Chromium’s atomic number is 24.

What’s Chromium’s atomic mass:

Chromium’s atomic mass is 51.9961 + 0.0006 u.

Chromium’s electron configuration:

Chromium’s electron configuration is Ar 3d5 4S1.

Is Chromium a stable element or not:

Chromium is a stable element.

What state of matter is Chromium commonly found in:

Chromium is commonly found on metal and alloys . On room temperature it’s a solid.

What color is Chromium:

Chromium’s color would be silver-gray (shinny).

What’s the melting point and boiling point of Chromium:

Chromium’s melting point is 3,374°F. Chromium’s boiling point is 2,671°C.

What is Chromium’s density:

Density is a type of mass per measure that things are measured by. Chromium’s density is 7.15.

What’s Chromium’s symbol:

Chromium’s symbol is Cr which stands for Chromium.

What can Chromium react with:

Chromium can react with florine, Chromium can also react with oxygen but at room temperature.

What is Chromium’s texture:

Texture is how a surface feels, or how it is perceived to feel. Chromium’s texture is Liquid Chrome Filter.