It’s Symbol:

The Symbol for Thulium is Tm

It’s Atomic Number:

Thulium’s Atomic Number is 69

Its Atomic Weight:

Its atomic weight is 168.93421

What Color is it?:

Silvery Gray

What is its atomic configuration?:

It has 2 electrons on the first shell,8 on the second, 18 on the third, 31 on the fourth, 8 on the fifth, and 2 on the last.

When was it discovered?:

In the year, 1879

What is it used for?:

It’s used for very few things, i mostly know that it’s used for making lasers

Who discovered it?:

Per Theodor Cleve, a Swedish chemist

How did it get its name?:

Was given its name in honor of the earliest name for Scandanavia

Is it stable?:

Yes, it is stable

What State of matter is it commonly found in?:


Where in the World is it found in?:

In ores mozanite sand

What is its boiling/melting point?

It’s Melting Point is 1545 °C, and it’s Boiling Point is 1950 °C.


Info about Per Theodore Cleve:

Born: 10-Feb-1840
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Died: 18-Jun-1905
Location of death: Stockholm, Sweden
Cause of death: unspecified

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Chemist, Geologist

Nationality: Sweden
Executive summary: Discovered holmium (Ho) and thulium (Tm)