Its symbol:

Astinine’s symbol is AT                         

Its atomic number:

Astinine’s atomic number is 85

It’s atomic weight:

It’s atomic weight is 210°C

What color it is:

Astinine’s color is silver

It’s atomic configuration:

Astinine’s atomic configuration is It’s nutrons are 125 and its protons are 85

It’s electronic configuration:

      Astinine’s electronic configuration is: [Xe]4f145d106s26p5.

When it was discovered:

It was discovered in 1940 in United States

Who discovered it:

The people who discovered Astinine are Dale R. Corson,Kenneth Ross Mckenze,Emilo Sergo

How did it get it’s name:

Astinine got it’s name from a Greek word called astatos which means unstable 

What is state of matter is it commonly found in:

The state Astinine commomly found in is soild

What’s the element’s used for:

      Astatine can be used in radiation therapies, and to treat brain tumors.

Where in the world it is found:

     Astatine Can Be found In The Earths Crust, But In Very Small Amounts. It Can Also Be Found In Oresine