It’s symbol?

Rhodium’s symbol on the periodic table is Rh.

Its number?

Rhodium atomic number on the periodic table is 45.

Its atomic weight?

Rhodium atomic weight is 102.90550(2).

What color is it?

Rhodium’s atomic color is silvery white.

What is atomic configuration?

Rhodium atomic configuration is 1s2 2s2 p6 d10 4s2 p6 d8 5s1.

when it was discovered?

Rhodium was discovered in 1803 about 210 years ago.

Who discovered it?

Rhodium was discovered by English chemist William Hyde Wollaston. William was born on August 6th 1766. He is also a physicist that was famous for discovering Rhodium and Platinum. He also developed a way to make platinum into malleable Ingots.He died in December 22,1828.

How did rhodium get its name?

Rhodium got it’s name by the Greek word Rhodon. Which means rose.

Is it a stable element or  commonly found not what state of matter is it in?

Rhodium is a stable element because it is metallic and has been used a lot.

What element is it used for?

Rhodium is used for the elements platinum and palladium. Which is used for Funnels,Boats Evaporating dishes,Jewelery,wire,vessels and Medicine. It is also used in laboratories. Also it is used in palladium.which is used in jewelery and many other of the platinum uses.

Where in the world is it found?

Rhodium is usually found in North America in it’s actual form.