It’s symbol:

The symbol for antimony on the periodic table is (Sb)

It’s atomic number:

My atomic number on the periodic table is 51

It’s atomic weight:

The atomic weight of antimony is 121.760

What color is it:

Well antimonys color is a silver and gray

What is it atomic configuration:

The atomic configuration is semi-metal

When it was discovered:

It was discoverded in Germany in 1450

Who discovered it:

It was discovered by Basil Valentine in Germany

How did it get it’s name:

It got it’s name from greek anti and monos

Is it a stable element or not:

It is a stable element in a air room tempeture

What state of matter is it commonly found:

It is naturally found as a solid

What is the element used for:

It is mostly used as fire retardant

Were is it found in the the world:

It is found in the earths crust