Its symbol:

The symbol for Sulfur on the periodic table is S.

Its atomic number:

Sulfur’s atomic number is 16,

Its atomic weight:

The atomic weight of sulfur is 32.065,

What color is it?

Yellow is the color of sulfur

What is its atomic configuration?

The first shell has 2 electrons the 2nd shell has 8 and the 3rd shell has 6. Sulfur has 16  protons and neutrons in the nucleus

When it was discovered?

Sulfur was 2000 B.C.E. is when is was discovered

Who discovered it?

The person who discovered it is unknown,but Antoine Lavoisier determined it as a element not a compound.

How did it get its name?

It got it’s name from a Latin word called Brimstone, Brimstone means burning stone and sulfur is flammable

Is it is a stable element or not

No Sulfur is not a stable element

What state of matter it is commonly found in?

Solid is the type of matter sulfur is commonly found in

What the element is used for?

Sulfur are used in: Glow in the dark paint, Fireworks, Chalk, Medicine, Gunpowder, etc.

Where in the world it is found?

Sulfur is found in meteorites, volcanoes and hot springs

Whats its melting point?


Whats its boiling point?