It’s Symbol:

           Polonium’s symbol is “PO”

It’s Atomic Number:

           Polonium’s atomic number is 84,  polonium is the 84th in periodic table.

It’s Atomic Weight:

           Polonium’s atomic weight is 290.

What Color it is:

           Polonium has a silvery color to it.

What is it’s Electron Configuration:

           Polonium’s atomic configuration is 2,8,18,32,18,6 this from inside to outside the one inside is 2 the one outside is 6.

When was it Discovered:

           Polonium was discovered in 1898.

Who Discovered it:

           Polonium was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie.

How did it get it’s Name:

           Polonium got it’s name from Poland because it was discovered there.

Is It Stable:

           Polonium is a not stable element.

What state is it commonly found in:

           Polonium is commonly found in a solid state.

What is it used for:

           Polonium is used for cleaning film it’s in brushes and it was on ring and they sold it for 15 cents in 1915 in a box of cereal KIX.

Where in the world is it found:

           It can be found Poland thats where it’s normally found in.

What’s it’s melting point:

          488.9 °F (253.8 °C)