It’s symbol:

     Rubidium’s symbol is RB.

      It’s atomic number:

     Rubidium’s atomic number is 37 on the periodic table.

      It’s atomic weight is:

    Rubidium’s atomic weight is 85.4678.

      What color it is:

    The color for Rubidium is a silver-white and it is soft.

      It’s atomic configuration:

    Rubidium’s atomic configuration is 45 protons and 58 neutrons.

      It was discovered in:

    It was discovered in 1861.

     The people who discovered it were:

    The people who discovered it were Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff. Robert was a German chemist who discovered Rubidium and Caesium with Gustav. He was born in March 30, 1811 and died in August 16, 1899.Gustav is an German physicist. He was born in March 12, 1824 and died in October 17, 1887.


How it got it’s name:

    They gave the name because of the bright red in its emission spectrum. It came from the latin word “rubidus” meaning dark red.

     Is it a stable element or not?

    Yes, it is a stable element.

     The state of matter it is found in most commonly:

    It is in it’s solid state at room temperature.

     It’s uses:

    It is used for many industries and in laboratories.It is less effective than Caesium. It is denser than water. It makes atomic clocks.

     It is found in:

    Rubidium is mostly found in the Earths crust.