Its symbol:

The symbol for nickel on the periodic table is Ni.

Its atomic number:

Nickel’s atomic number is 28, it’s the twenty-eighth element on the periodic table.

Its atomic weight:

The atomic weight of nickel is 58.6934, and it’s hard and ductile.

What color it is?

Nickel is a silvery-white metal with a slight golden tinge.

What is its atomic configuration?

Nickel has twenty-eight protons in the nucleus and two electrons in the first orbital. It has twenty-nine neutrons.

When it was discovered?

Nickel was discovered in 1751.

Who discovered it?

It was discovered by man named Axel Fedrik Cronstedt when he mistook its ore for a copper mineral.

How did it get its name?

Nickel got its name from a German miner’s mythology.

Is it is a stable element or not?

Nickel is the most stable element of all of the existing elements.

What state of matter it is commonly found in?

It’s found in the earth’s core and it’s in a liquid state.

What the element is used for?

Nickel is used for iron alloys, steels, copper-nickel.

Where in the world it is found?

It is found in Texas.