It’s Symbol:

The symbol of  Beryllium is Be

It’s atomic number:

Helium’s atomic number is 2.

It’s atomic weight:

The atomic weight of beryllium is 9.012182

It’s color:

Beryllium’s the color Steel Grey.

It’s atomic configuration:

Berylium’s atomic configuration is, in the nucleus 4 neutrons and protons are found. In the outer shell 2 electrons and in the second shell 2 more. This makes Beryllium not a stable element.

When it was discovered:

Beryllium was discovered in the year of 1797.

Who discovered it:

The person who discovered Beryllium is Louis Nicolas Vaquelin.

How did it get it’s name:

Beryllium was named after a greek word beryl, which is a type of mineral.

Is it a stable element or not:

Beryllium is not a stable element.

What state of matter it is normally found in:

Breyllium is normally found in the state of a solid.

What are the elemental uses:

The uses of Beryllium (Copper,Foil) are:

  • Aircraft

  • Space Shuttle

  • Springs

  • X-Ray Lithography

Where can it be found:

Beryllium on Earth, can be found in soil.