Francium’s weight:

It’s weight is 223.


It has no density.

Melting Point:

It has no melting point.

Boiling Point:

It has no boiling point.

Atomic Number:

The atomic number is 87.


It’s symbol is FR.


Francium’s is a silver-gray-metallic color.

Electron Configuration:

It’s electron configuration is [Rn] 7s1 1,8,18, 32,18,8,1.

Who Discovered Francium:

Francium was discovered by a women named Madame Curie.

How It Got It’s Name:

It got it’s name from France where it was found.

Where In The World Is It Found:

Francium is found in the earths crust.

Francium A Stable Element Or Not:

It is Not a stable element.

What Is Francium Used For:

Francium isn’t used for anything because it’s so radio active.

What State Of Matter Is Francium Found:

It’s state of matter is a solid.

When Did Francium Get It’s Name:

It got it’s name in 1939 but no one knows what day.

Francium’s Configuration Is:

It has 87 protons, 87 electrons and 136 neutrons.

Iron Electron configuration is:

It has 1 in the first, 8 in the second, 18 in the third, 32 in the fourth, 18 in the fifth, 8 in the six & 1 in the seventh shell.