Who discovered Indium

Ferdinand Reich  discovered it

When was indium discovered

It was discovered in 1863

Where was indium discovered

Indium was discovered in Germany

What is the atomic weight? 

The atomic weight is 114.86

What is the symbol?

The symbol is In

What is the Atomic Number?

The atomic number is 49

What is the Melting Point?

156 °C

What is the Boiling Point?

2000 °C


What Color is it?

The color is silver-white


Electron Configuration?


When it’s discovered?

It was discovered in 1863

Who discovered it?

Ferdinand Reich

What its use for?

Its used for sold and sealing products

Is it stabled or not?

Yes it is a stabled element

What state of matter is potassium commonly found in?

The state of mater is found in is a solid

Where in the world is it found in?

Indium was discovered in Germany

How it got its name?

Its named after the bright indigo line in its spectrum