Manganese (Mn)

 Its symbol:

It`s symbol is Mn

 It`s atomic number:

 25 is manganese atomic number

Its atomic wieght:

54.938045(5) is manganese atomic weight

What color is it?

It`s  color is silvery metallic

What is it`s atomic configureation?

It has 25 proton`s 30 nutrons and 25 electrons

When it was discovered ?

It was discovered in 1774 in

Who discovered it ?

It was discovered by Johnn Gahn who mixed dioxide whith charcal and whith heating and the result was a sample of the metal Mnganese.

 How did it get its name?

It came from city of Greece called Magnesia named after various black minerals such as Pyrolusite

 Is it is a stable element or not?

 It is a stable element because of there isotope

 What state of matter it is commonly found in?

 Manganese is a solid 

 What the element is used for?

   It is used in our bodies and helps fight damaging free radicals also helps energy metobolism and blood sugar helps normal growth of bones 

 Where in the world is it found?     

It could be found all around the world but mostly found in Africa and Rusha is were it mostly found. It could be in rocks soil, vegetables like olives, spinished, rice, and soybeans.