It’s Abbreviation:

Gold has a symbol of (Au)

Atomic Number:

Gold has an Atomic number of 79.

It’s weight:

It has a weight of 19.3 grams, Which is heavy.

It’s color:

It has a color of bright yellow which makes it attractive.

It’s Atomic configuration:

Gold has an Atomic configuration of 117  neutrons in the nucleus, and has 6 shells and their order is 2 on the first shell, 8 on the second shell, 18 on the third shell, 32 on the fourth shell, 18 on the fifth shell, and 1 on the last shell.

When was it discovered:

It was discovered in 6000 B.C

Who discovered Gold:

No one knows the actual person who discovered Gold.

how did it  get it’s name:

It got it’s name from an gold english word “geolou” which means yellow.

Stable Element or not:

Gold is the most stable element.

It’s Common State of Matter:

Gold’s common state of matter is solid.

What it’s used for:

Gold is a shiny pretty metal which makes it good to use in jewelry, decoration, and it is used in electronics since it is a good conductor of electricity.  

Where it is found:

Gold is found in mines mostly in Witwatersrand basin in south Africa, Nevada, Alaska, California, and Colorado.