Its atomic number:

Titanium’s atomic number is 22

It’s symbol:

The symbol is Ti

It’s wight:

Titanium’s wieght 47.786

Who discovered it?

William Gregor discovered it

When was Titanium discovered?

It was discovered 1791

What’s the atomic structure?

22 protons and 24 neutrons

How did it get its name?

Titianium gets it’s name from Greek mythology, and the Greek god Titan. Titan was very strong and powerful, and so is the metal titanium.

When it was discovered?

It was discovered in 1791

What is its atomic configuration?

It has 2 on its first shell, 8 on its second, 10 on it third, 2 on its on its last. It has 24 neutrons.

What is titanium’s mealting point?

Titanium’s mealting point 3,034° F (1,668° C).

What is titanium’s boiling point?

Titanium’s boiling point 5,948° F (3,287° C).

Is it is a stable element or not?

It’s stable

Where is titanium found?

Titanium is found as an ore in several locations, from Africa to India, to Canada, in deposits of the ores rutile and anatase (titanium dioxide), and ilmenite (iron titanium dioxide). 

What the element is used for?

Titanium is used for aircrafts, doors, guns, armor, wheel chairs,  knives, etc.