Its symbol: Mercury’s symbol is Hg

What is Mercury’s atomic weight?: Mercury’s atomic weight is 200.59.

What color is Mercury?: Mercury is a silvering gray color. Mercury is also red if it’s cinnabar.

What is Mercury’s atomic configuration?:Mercury has 80 protons in its nucleus.

When was Mercury discovered?: Mercury was discovered in 1500 B.C.

Who discovered Mercury?: Mercury was discovered by the chinese. 

What state of matter is Mercury commonly found in?: Mercury is commonly found in the liquid state.

       How did Mercury get it’s name?:

Mercury was named after the Roman god,Mercury, known for speed and mobility.

What is Mercury used for?: Mercury is used for paint,thermometers,batteries,household lamps,chemistry sets and toys,athletic shoes,clothing irons,blood pressure gauges,barometers,microwave ovens,and many other things. 

Where in the world it is found?

      The element mercury is usually obtained from cinnabar ore.                                                 

What is mercury’s boiling point?

Mercury’s melting point is 674.1 °F (356.7 °C)

Is Mercury a stable element or not?

Mercury is a stable element.

What is Mercury’s atomic number?

Mercury’s atomic number is 80.