Its symbol:

The symbol for Nitrogen is N.

It’s atomic number:

Nitrogen’s atomic number is 7.

It’s atomic weight:

It’s atomic weight is 14.0067

What color is it:

In solid and liquid state Nitrogen is colorless.

What is it’s atomic configuration:

It has 7 proton, 7 neutrons, and in it’s normal form, 7 electrons.


When was it discovered:

In 1772 it was discovered.

Who discovered Nitrogen: 

 David Rutherford

How did it get it’s name:

David Rutherford called it noxious air or fixed air.

Is it a stable element:

No it is not.

What state of matter is it common found in:

It is commonly found in gas form.

What is it used for:

It is used in the air we breath, nitroglycerin pills and tablet (both used by people with risk of heart attack). 

Where in the world is it found:

It is in the air that we breath and in all living organisms.