Its symbol:

      The symbol for Argon on the periodic table is Ar.

Its atomic number:

      Argon’s atomic number is 18, it is the 18th element on the periodic table.

Its atomic weight:

     The atomic weight of Argon is 39.948.

What color it is?

Argon is a colorless gas abundantly found in the air.

What is its atomic configuration?

     Argon has 18 protons, 22 neutrons, and 18 electrons.

     In the first orbitals is 2

     It’s second orbital is 8

     It’s third orbital is 8

When it was discovered?

     Argon was about to be discovered in 1785, but was really discovered in 1894.

Who discovered it?

The people that discovered Argon is Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay.

How did it got its name?

      Argon comes from the Greek word Argo, meaning “lazy” because Argon doesn’t easily react with other elements.

Is it a stable element or not?

 Argon is astable element beacause it has a full outer shell of electrons.

What state of matter it is commonly found in?

     The state of matter argon is commonly found in is a gas state.

What the element is used for?

     Argon is used for a few things like neon, Argon is also used in advertisement, and used in lasers for laser eye surgery.

Where in the world it is found?

     It is found in the United Kingdom in the air because Argon is a gas and it’s made air, air is made by oxygen hydrogen, nitrogen, and small amounts of argon.