Atomic Number:

Curium’s Atomic number is 96.

Who was it named after:

Curium was named after a famous lady who found very radioactive elements. Curium’s name is after Marie Sklodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie.

Founder of the Element:

File:Glenn Seaborg - 1964.jpg

 Curium was found  by Glenn T. Seaborg found Curium.

Melting Point:

Curium’s Melting Point is 1340 Celsius and 2444 in Fahrenheit 

Boiling Point:

The Boiling Point of Curium is 1340 in Celsius and 2444 in Fahrenheit

When was it Discovered?:

Curium was discovered in July 1944

What State of Matter is it Commonly found in?:

Curium’s stage of matter is a solid

Where was it  found?:

Curium isn’t a natural element thus, it was made in a laboratory called Lawrence Berkley  National Laboratory

How was it discovered?:

Curium was found by bombarding 239Pu with a-particles

Is the Element Stable?:

Curium can be stable and unstable at the same time depending on their isotope.

What is the Color?:

Curium’s color is a silvery type.

What is the Atomic Weight?:

Curium’s standard Atomic Weight is 251

What is the Electron Configuration?:

Curium’s Electron Config. is 2,8,18,32,25,9,2

What is the density?:

The density of  Curium is 13.51

What category is it in?:

Curium is a Rare Earth Metal and an Actinides/Actinoid

How is the element used?:

   Curium is mostly used for NASA’s purposes for example, it can be used for radioisotope heater unit for land rovers.