It’s symbol is:

Hafnium’s symbol on the periodic table is HF

 It’s atomic number is:

 72 is Hafnium’s atomic number on the periodic table.

What is Hafnium’s color?

Hafnium’s color is silver gray

How did Hafnium get it’s name?

Hafnium was named after Hafni the Latin name for Copenhagen where it was discovered.

Where was Hafnium discovered?

Hafnium was discovered in Copenhagen from where it got its name

Who were the discoverers of this element:

George de Haves,Dirk Coster were the discoverers of Hafnium. Dirk Coster was born in October 5 1889  and he died in February 12 1950. George de haves was German. He was born in August 1 185 and he died in July 5 1922.

What is Hafnium’s atomic weight:

Hafnium’s atomic weight is 178.49

Is hafnium consumable?

No you can not consume this element because it is a metallic element.

Is it a stable or non stable element?

Hafnium is  a stable element

What are the uses of Hafnium?

Hafnium can be used in a crystal bar

Is Hafnium a natural element or not?

 Yes, Hafnium is a natural element because it has 0.00033% in the earth’s crust

What is Hafnium’s melting/boiling point?

 Hafnium’s melting point is 2233 °C

What is Hafnium’s density?

Hafnium’s density is 13.31 g/cm3

What is Hafnium’s normal state of matter?

 Hafnium’s normal state of matter is solid

Is Hafnium a conductor or insulator?

 Hafnium is a conductor because it is a metal