What is gallium’s symbol?

Gallium’s symbol is Ga.

What is gallium’s atomic number?

Gallium’s atomic number is 31.

What is gallium’s atomic mass?

Gallium’s atomic mass is 70.

What is gallium’s appearance?

Gallium’s appearance is silver-white.

What is gallium’s melting point?

Gallium’s melting point is 86 °F.

What is gallium’s boiling point?

Gallium’s boiling point is 4,000 °F.

What is gallium’s density?

Gallium’s density is 5.91.

What is Gallium named after?

Gallium is named after the Latin word gallia, meaning Gaul after his native land in France.

What is it’s Phase:

Gallium’s phase is solid.

Who discovered gallium?

Gallium was discovered by the French chemist Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran.  Paul-Émile was born on April 18, 1838 in Cognac, France and died on May 28, 1912 in Paris.  By the time he died, he had discovered 3 elements.

When was Gallium discovered?

Gallium was discovered in 1875.

What is Gallium used for?

Gallium is used for making Galistan thermometers.

Where can gallium be found?

Gallium can be found  in ores such as sphalerite, diaspore, bauxite, coal, and germanite.

What are Gallium’s electron shells?

Gallium’s electron shells are 2, 8 18 3, 13.

How much neutrons does gallium have?

Gallium has 39 electrons.

Is Gallium stable?

Gallium is a stable element under ordinary conditions.

What is gallium’s element classification?


Gallium is a post-transition metal.