Its symbol:

 The symbol for Krypton on the periodic table is (Kr).

It’s atomic number:

Krypton’s atomic number is 36 and is the 36th element on the periodic table.

Its atomic weight:

The atomic weight of krypton is 83.798

What color it is:

Krypton is colorless

What is its atomic configuration:

  1s2 2s22p63s23p63d104s24p6

When it was discovered:

        Krypton was discovered in Britain  on 1898

Who discovered it?:

            Morris Travers and William Ramsay 

What is its atomic configuration: 

From the Greek term, of Kryptons meaning “hidden”

Is it is a stable element or not:

krypton is a unstable element

What state of matter it is commonly found in:

      Krypton’s common state of matter is gas  

What the element is used for:

  Krypton is used in some types photographic flashes and it is also used for light products like a lava lamp or a light bulb.

Where in the world it is found?

Krypton can be found in the air. It is present in the air to about 1 ppm, or one part per million. About .0001% of Earth’s atmosphere is krypton.