Its symbol:

The symbol for Radon on the periodic table is Rn.


Its atomic number:

The atomic number for Radon is 86.


Its atomic weight:

The atomic weight for Radon is 222.


What color it is?

Radon is a colorless element.


What is its atomic configuration?

The atomic configuration for Radon is it has 86 protons, 136 neutrons and 86 electrons. The electron for cofiguration for radon is 2,8,18,32,8.


When it was discovered?

Radon was discovered 1898 and the find was published to public in 1900.


Who discovered it?

Radon was discovered by Friedrich Ernest Dorn.

How did it get its name?

Radon comes from the latin word  radius=radiation.

Is it is a stable element or not?

Radon is an unstable radioactive element.

What state of matter it is commonly found in?

Radon is commonly found in the state of matter of a gas.

What the element is used for?

Radon is used for radio therapy, radiactive treatments, is a way to predict earthquakes and before it was considered a health hazard it was used for glow in the dark paint.

Where in the world it is found?

Radon is found internationally and is commonly found inside granite rocks and in basements from the gas rising out of the ground.