What is Selenium’s atomic number?

   Selenium’s atomic number is 34.

      What is Selenium’s symbol?

  Selenium’s symbol is Se.

      What is Selenium’s atomic mass?

  Selenium’s weight is 78.96.

     Who discovered Selenium?

  Jons Jacob Berzilius discovered Selenium.

     When was Selenium discovered?

   Selenium was discovered in 1817.

      It’s atomic structure:

  Selenium’s atomic structure is the number energy levels: 4 the first level has: 2 the second level has: 8 the third level has: 18 the forth level has:6.

It’s Electron Configuration

   Selenium [Ar] 4s23d104p4 is Selenium’s electron configuration.

   Where Selenium is Found

   Selenium was discovered in Sweden.

    What are the uses of Selenium?

   The uses of Selenium are photocopiers, automatic light switches, light meters, and photoelectric cells.




Photocopiers Automatic Light Switches
Light Meters Photoelectric Cells