What is Thorium’s atomic number?

It’s atomic number is 90.

What is it’s symbol?

Thorium’s symbol is Th.

When was Thorium discovered?

It was discovered in 1828.

Who discovered thorium?

The people that discovered thorium is named Morten Thrane Esmark and Jons Jakob Berzelius.

Where did it’s name come from?

It’s name came from the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

What is Thorium’s atomic mass?

Thorium’s atomic mass is 232.0377.

What  is it’s melting point?

It’s melting point is 1842 `C  3348 `F.

What is Thorium’s boiling point?

Thorium’s boiling point is 4788 `C  8650 `F

What is Thorium’s electron configuration?

[Rn] 6d2 7s2


How many neutrons are there?

There is 142 neutrons in the element Thorium.

How many protons does thorium have?

Thorium has 90 protons.

What is thorium used for?
Thorium is used to mix and to improve magnesium’s strength at high temperatures. It is also used to cover tungsten thread used in electronic devices like television and phones.