What’s its Symbol:

Lithiums symbol on the periodic table is “LI”.

What’s its Atomic Number:

Lithiums atomic number is 3, it’s the third in the whole periodic table.

What’s its Atomic Weight:

Lithiums atomic weight is 6.941 if  it’s rounded it’s “7”.

What color is it:

Lithium has a color of  Silvery-White.

What’s its Atomic Configuration:

Lithium has 2 electrons in the inner orbital and one electron in outer orbital. It has 4 neutrons in the necleus and 3 protons in the neclues.

When was it Discovered:

Lithium was first discovered 1817.

Who Discovered it:

Lithium was discovered by J. Arfwedson in 1817.

How did it get its Name:

 This element formed compounds similar to those of sodium and potassium, though its carbonate and hydroxide were less soluble in water and more alkaline.[51] Berzelius gave the alkaline material the name “lithion/lithina“, from the Greek word λιθoς (transliterated as lithos, meaning “stone”), to reflect its discovery in a solid mineral, as opposed to potassium, which had been discovered in plant ashes, and sodium which was known partly for its high abundance in animal blood. He named the metal inside the material as “lithium”.

Is it a Stable Element or not:

Lithium is not a stable element it’s highly unstable and really flammable.

What State of Matter is it Commonly found in:

Lithium is found in a solid form but only  found in compounds and not in nature.

What is it used for:

Lithium is used for many things it is used in glass and ceramics, batteries and used in red colored firewo